About Me

My unique, yet chaotic, situation of being a wife, mom, step-mom, dog-mom, cat-mom, marketing guru and founder of a dog rescue certainly keeps me on my toes.

I’m Bethie Gondeck, wife to Joshy, mom to Remmie and stepmom to Deagan. We live in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota with our 3 cats (Wilma, Leo and April) plus two pups, Deuce (Pitbull) and Chloe (Pug/Frenchie). From time to time, a foster animal will make their appearance on the blog.

On this site you’ll find posts about family, beauty, trend, and other more personal parts of my life.

Covered In Pet Fur (previously “furr”) recently received a face-lift. Previously, my content focused on being a stepmom but after much consideration, being a stepmom doesn’t define who I am and actually wasn’t something I enjoyed blogging solely on. I’m so much more then just a stepmom but a wife, mom, pet-mom, content creator and my proudest title (besides mom & wife, of course) is the Executive Director of Grey Face Rescue & Retirement, Minnesota’s Senior Dog Rescue.

So what’s my niche? Well, it’s just being me.