New Baby Must Haves

Being a new mom, especially a first time mom puts a woman instantly in survival mode, like how do I survive off no sleep? Every baby is different, right? Not ALL stay up all night – you may create a sleepy baby that is catching zzz’s straight out of the womb.

Every new mom needs a survival guide for motherhood. It is the most exciting phase of your life yet, the most terrifying. I wasn’t sure I would make it through those early days. I remember thinking “Why didn’t anyone tell me how hard this was going to be?”. I texted a friend to ask her this very question and she said: “I didn’t want to scare you.”

Huh?! Give a girl a heads up! I could have started sleep deprivation training, stocked up on more coffee and worked on perfecting my mom bun.

Those first few weeks were tough, but now that I am through the storm I have some insight on what made my life a whole lot easier & how I began surviving motherhood. I hope they make yours easier as well!


This is not a drill! Coffee is life when you are a new mom. We only have a Keurig which can be a saint and a devil all in the same day! The convenience of popping in a K-Cup makes a hectic morning all that more simple. The downfall of K-Cups is the amount you can possibly go through for the money. It's definitely more cost-effective to make an entire pot!

You will also find yourself frequently heating up your coffee, well because your baby doesn't care if it gets cold. Invest the $7 into a coffee mug warmer - you won't regret it! You could even add this to your household decor and feature one in every room, just in case!


Butt Cream Applicator

Your baby will poop and pee a lot. Plus when they start to teeth they usually get a little butt rash. Using a butt cream is a super barrier. However, it’s sticky, greasy, waterproof and horrible to have slathered on your hands and stuck under fingernails.

A butt cream applicator is a genius little product. It’s like one those little plastic PVA glue spreaders you used in kindergarten.  Not only does it keep your hands clean but its super soft to apply to your baby’s sensitive botty.

I also recommend Boudreaux's Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment (Maximum Strength - Contains 40% Zinc Oxide - Pediatrican Recommended - Paraben and Preservative-Free - 4 Ounce). We actually use this on the skin then lather Desitin Baby Diaper Rash Maximum Strength Original Paste on top to keep out the moisture. My baby girl had HORRIBLE diaper rash and after multiple tries of both store bought and home remedies (essential oils), this was the best option! 


Hair Necessities

Embrace the mom bun. It saves so much time! I was able to perfect the messy bun thanks to the author of The Small Things blog and her messy bun hair tutorial

Outside of your hair products, always have comfortable clothes on hand - you are going to want items that are comfortable (not too tight or too big) and slippers! 


Video Monitor

If your baby will be in a different room to sleep or nap in a different room, then a monitor is a great way to keep an eye on them. I recommend a video monitor as not only can you hear them, but you can see them too. 

That means if you hear a weird noise, you can see what’s causing it, without rushing to the room in a panic to check your baby is ok.

Also, video monitors give better feedback than cheaper audio monitors. A monitor which cuts out occasionally or crackles is annoying and can cause you to stress.

I do not recommend the Hello Baby brand - it does not hold a charge throughout the night. If you are going to purchase it, also purchase an additional charger. 


 Boppy Pillow

Obviously, if you are breastfeeding a pillow will help you get into proper feeding positions. However, it also has other great uses.

If you had a c-section, it would take the weight off your wound, whether you are breast or bottle feeding. It can also be used to prop baby up for tummy time activities as they grow.

My favorite use is when your baby begins to sit upright. They go through a little phase of falling backward and sideways until they can support themselves. A nursing pillow can be wrapped around them to give them the freedom to try sitting, without any bumps if they fall.




This item is my MUST HAVE! A co-sleeper is a fantastic way to keep baby protected. Plus you can use it for tummy time to strengthen your baby’s back muscles and prevent flat head.

Moms also use it for sleep times to give the baby womb-like protection, or for co-sleeping.  Although, I’d advise you to be careful with this type of use. You should always follow safe sleep advice for your baby.

Our baby slept either between us in our bed or in her bassinet with her co-sleeper and it made sleeping through the night a breeze. I think the combination of having a baby that is a good-sleeper and the co-sleeper made bedtime a breeze. I also highly recommend a swaddler - this too was a contribution to night time success! 


Swaddle & Sleep Sac

Again mimicking the womb, a swaddle also controls reflex which babies can have for a few months post-birth. That reflex could potentially wake them up sooner than necessary! I really love this one for when they’re really little!

You can use Muslin Swaddle Blankets, but a sleep sack is a great product to give you peace of mind. Your baby is warm while they sleep, without the worry the blankets. 

I had purchased pink, girly swaddlers for Remmie (our daughter) but if I could go back I would purchase more gender neutral swaddlers so I'm able to use them with babies to come! 


This obviously goes without saying, but they are a necessity! I like to keep two different sizes on hand the first month because baby grows so quickly. When the blowouts start to happen, it means it’s time to go up a size! Remmie was in newborn diapers for 7 weeks. It’s pretty amazing just how fast they grow. I love Pampers because they ALWAYS do the job, plus they have the wetness sensor. That little thing is SO helpful. Just check to see if the line is blue, and if it’s still yellow then no diaper change needed! Trust me, you’ll want that in your sleep deprived state!

We hosted a diaper party for my husband which brought in boxes, and I mean BOXES of diapers - I highly recommend hosting a co-ed diaper party for your little one!



When I first saw this contraption, I thought it was disgusting. But after I realized that NO, I will not be sucking my child’s snot into my mouth, I realized it’s a pretty genius invention. Those bulb syringes they give you at the hospital never worked for us. Plus, how are they cleaned? I was always worried they would get moldy. The NoseFrieda is clear and easily dismantled for cleaning, and you control the suction. It’s way easier to use than the bulb syringe, too. Babies tend to have a little mucous after delivery, seeing as they were just instead of fluid for 9+ months, so this is always something good to have on hand. Trust me, when your baby is completely bunged up and miserable, this little lifesaver will help them breathe easy again.


Baby Carrier

If you have a busy lifestyle you need a baby carrier. I’m not saying you should replace your expensive stroller, but a carrier will complement it. 

Baby carriers are simple to use and allow you to multitask. That means you can look after baby but get housework done, look after older children or send important emails.

You can use it in the house, or get out and about to places that a stroller can’t, or is restricting. Think about shopping in a busy mall or going for a hill walk.


Mom Gear

Every new mom needs to let the world know about their newest bundle of joy so what better way to represent the most important title then by saying it on your shirt. #momlife is my jam and I want the world to know it. Shop this shirt and many others here. 



Don't get me wrong - there are MANY other items I would love to include on this list for your registry but don't want to overwhelm you! Ask friends and family for suggestions but always keep in mind that every mama is different and do things differently - and every baby is different. Your the mama - you know best!

A few others to keep in mind while racking up the registry:

Diaper Genie

Infant Tylenol


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