50 Ways To Show You Love Her

It doesn't take much to impress your wife, seriously! The littlest of effort lasting a whole 45 seconds will brighten her day in more ways than one and... may score you some BIG brownie points (after the kids go to bed, of course)! 

Guys, grab a pen, paper & take notes! 

1. Really listen to her.  Put down your phone, turn off the TV, and find out what’s going on in her life.
2. Do the laundry.  Yes, laundry sucks, but your wife doesn’t enjoy it any more than you do.  Surprise her and do the laundry.  Just make sure you read the labels and don’t dry her favorite shirt that’s supposed to be dry cleaned only.
3. Give her a massage.  This is a win-win for both parties.  Especially if the massage is in the bedroom. 
4. Give her a kiss on the cheek. But don’t stop there.  A connected kiss is even better.  
5. Praise her when she is there.  Talk her up.  She loves this.
6. Praise her when she is not there.  Brag about how great she is to those you are surrounded by.
7. Make her a hot bath.  If you’re lucky, she’ll ask you to join.  
8. Hold her hand in public. Because there’s nothing sweeter than being affectionate in front of others.
9. Drop her off at the door.  Be her knight in shining armor.
10. Open the door for her.  Bring the classic gentleman back.
11. Sit next to her on the couch.  Please, no passing of gas!
12. Offer to watch her favorite TV show.   <gulp>  Yes, this may even mean The Bachelor or some other horrific reality TV show. Make the sacrifice and she’ll love you for it.
13. Do the dishes.  Don’t stop there.  Clean the kitchen while you’re at it.
14. Scratch her back.  It's little things like this that count!
15.  Remind her she’s beautiful.  You can’t tell her this enough.
16. Get the kids ready in the morning. Talk about scoring brownie points, this is it.
17. Make the bed.  It will take you 45 seconds.  Seriously.
18. Make her coffee or her favorite warm drink.  Who doesn’t love coffee?
19. Go grocery shopping.  If you really want to impress her offer to take the kids with you.
20. Fill up her gas tank.  So simple, yet effective. While you’re at it, clean those nasty bugs off of her windshield.
21. Go on an adventure that’s her idea. Even if it means it’s something you don’t want to do.
22. Cook dinner.  It’s about the effort here.  Bonus points if you found the recipe on Pinterest.
23. Take out the trash. Because women hate the smell of trash. Or getting their hands dirty. 
24. Put the kids to bed. Again, brownie points times ten.
25. Carry her purse for her in public.  #likeaboss
26. Go shopping with her.  If you do this, no complaining allowed! And yes, you must give her opinions on outfits she tries on.
27. Take her to dinner.  Quality time is important and so is dating your spouse.
28. Leave her a love note.  This can be done on a scratch piece of paper or post-it notes.
29. Send her a sweet text.  As simple as 'I love you'.
30.  Be kind to her family.  Don’t like her dad or her crazy sister? Doesn’t matter.  Put your ego aside and treat them with respect.
31. Throw her a surprise party.  It shows you care and you spent time planning it out.
32. Tell her a new joke.  Your wife’s laugh is precious.  Give her a reason to hear it more often.
33. Ask her “What I can help you with today?” If she looks stressed, this question is money.
34. Run errands for her.  “Honey do lists” are perfect for this.
35. Arrange a spa day for her. Women need to be pampered.
36. Coordinate a ladies night out. Your wife deserves a night out with her girlfriends but might feel guilty for leaving you with the kids. Show her she deserves it by contacting her friends and setting it up for her. 
37. Buy her flowers for no reason.  Much better than for typical holidays.
38. Make her something. You may be uncrafty but you can do it! Check out Pinterest!
39. Ask her opinion on something important.  Make her feel part of the equation.
40. Be the first to say “I’m sorry” (and mean it).  This was very hard for the both of us.  
41. Offer to rub her feet.  Even if they are stinky!  Just don’t tell her that.
42. Don’t forget important dates.  For the love of mankind, put it on your calendar!
44. Let her sleep in on the weekends.  #truelove
45. Take care of her when she is sick.  She needs you more than ever.  Be there for her.
46. Bring her Starbucks.  coffee = love
47. Book a spontaneous vacation.  It doesn’t have to be a tropical location.  Just somewhere new so that you can share in an adventure together.
48. Watch how much you drink in public.  Don’t be a lush.
49. Don’t ever look at pornography.  Porn ruins marriages, period.
50. Do something unexpected for her. Something out of the ordinary.
54. Watch a show, read a book, listen to a podcast with her.  This allows for the both of you to start on a journey together and talk about it.
55. Treat her with respect. She deserves to be respected. Teach your kids to respect her as well.
56. Buy her lingerie (just not the trashy kind).  Okay, maybe the trashy kind is okay here.  The most important thing is that she feels comfortable.


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