20 Pieces of Advice for New Moms

These are my 20 pieces of advice for every expectant mom or a first time mom-to-be:

1. During and after your pregnancy, people will constantly share their opinion with you. Opinions and advice are nice to receive but to an extent.


2. Don’t take every piece of advice seriously. There will be so many. Just nod and smile politely and move on with your life.

3. The second trimester will be the most beautiful time of your pre-baby life! Right after the first trimester filled in with morning sickness, constant exhaustion and uncontrollable hunger (for some), the second trimester is when you will feel the most normal out of all three of them.

4. Third trimester will be filled with heartburn, sleepless nights, almost impossible tossing around in bed while trying to sleep, but on the bright side, you are very close to holding your little one!!

5. Nesting is very real and it will make you feel better! You will never enjoy cleaning and tidying up around the house more than when you are pregnant and preparing everything for your baby.


6. Everyone will want to visit and you won’t like that. And that’s okay. Try to have your closest family or friends come over, the ones that will help you with the baby so you can get some much-needed rest or alone time. Leaving the baby with someone you can fully trust and even only going for a walk or a pedicure will make you feel SO much better and you will come home to your baby fully recharged and ready to go again.. until the next time you need some alone time.

7. Even though at first you will NOT want to leave your baby, not even to visit the bathroom, those much-needed mommy alone times will come. Here are 20 self-care practices that are simple, yet rejuvenating. 

8. You shouldn’t be embarrassed or afraid to ask for help. Everyone needs some help, and that is normal. Taking care of a baby can cause you to lose some of your sanity at times. 

9. You will think that your baby is the cutest, most beautiful creature ever created. Even without doing anything, you will think your baby is funny. Because they are!  There will be one most beautiful baby on the planet and it’s gonna be yours.

10. Your baby, at first, will be unaware of daytime and nighttime. My advice is, don’t shut the blinds when the baby is napping during the day or don’t try to keep it as quiet as possible during nap-time. Your baby at first will mostly be asleep all the time and can sleep through anything. Now at nighttime, try to keep it as quiet as possible, dim the lights and create a nighttime routine that you will stick to until your baby gets used to it.

11. Routines are the best and will save your life. Brand new babies will adapt and go by what you teach them. Stick to your routine and once the baby gets used to it (1-2 weeks), it’ll be SO MUCH EASIER!

12. Fresh air is good for you and the baby, and there is not a baby I know that doesn’t enjoy a nice stroll walk. If you’re ever feeling like you need to get away but you can’t, stroll walk is ALWAYS the answer.

13. Bathing your baby in the sink with the appropriate support will be much easier than in the bathtub, trust me.

14. Rolling over happens when you at least expect it.  Rolling over starts out of nowhere and they get fast in an instant!

15. Enjoy life before crawling. Once they start crawling, they are on the go! 

16. Your baby will get sick. I never knew how sick our baby would be the first year, especially when in daycare. I highly recommend the nose frida

15. Sleep Regression. Enough said. Around 4 months, that once great sleeping baby will soon become nocturnal. 

15. Changing a diaper will soon be your biggest challenge. My baby girl is nearly 9 months and changing her diaper is nearly impossible.

15. A hangover isn't worth it. Your baby doesn't care if you drank too much the night before, they still need you even when all you need is some Tylenol and water, lots and lots of water.

15. This is the best life. Life after kids is the best life.