Back by Popular Demand

What can I say? I couldn’t resist!

In all seriousness, I really couldn’t resist - I love using this platform to give perspective on being a stepmom young, being a mom, wife, fur-mama and prove that we’re all a little crazy at times. I mean, you’re not the only one that dreams about what life was like before you settled down - side note, I was 20 when I decided to “settle down” so reliving my glory days means going back to college when I chugged out of a Karkov bottle, no thanks. However, I often times daydream about traveling the world with Justin Bieber on Kayne’s 2-story private jet OR even better, living through the Purge but in a crazy high-tech home that is 100% proven to keep me safe. I wonder who would want to purge me?

Aside, from my off the wall life - I am the most high maintenance person I know. It may not be apparent by my lazy, make-up-less, live in my gym clothes look but I’m a skin care, self-tanning, teeth whitening snob so I hope to share a thing or two with ya’ll (cue Southern accent).

Most of my shares and links will be through Amazon because I literally buy everything through Amazon. If you haven’t jumped on the Prime choo-choo train then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? #freeshipping and easy returns #winwin

So here we go for the millionth time on a lot less committed level. I promised myself that I wouldn’t allow my blog to take priority over the hundred other commitments I have like keeping my kids alive and ordering enough TP (because I order it from Amazon - I wasn’t lying when I said I order everything) so no one has to drip dry or go the rest of the day with an itchy butt!

If you have forgotten what I look like, here’s a recent snapshot from Easter - it’s totally appropriate because my Instafamous cousin captured a Instaperfect pic and for all those nosey people, Deagan is with his mom.

You can find my new favorite top here - I would say TTS, I ordered a medium. $20.99 PRIME and my new favorite flare jeans can be found here - I ordered a medium in the light blue rip flare jean. I’m normally a size 8 and these were a bit tight - I call them my wishful jean as I am wishful one day I’ll be able to eat a meal and not have to unbutton them.

bethann gondeck