5 Tips to Balancing Your Family

You guys, I get it - I am a busy mom too! Life with littles, no matter if you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, it’s chaotic AF. I like to stay busy, so busy that I work full-time as the Executive Director of Grey Face Rescue, part-time as an Operations Manager of a sports facility, our rescue opened up Minnesota’s first indoor dog park (on top of my rescue duties) and at home, I have 2 children (and another on the way), my husband, 2 dogs, 3 cats and a house to upkeep. Therefore, I am f***ing busy BUT still have time to do a face mask every other night, go for walks and workout and go on day nights with my husband or hang out with friends.

It’s called BALANCE - the beauty of balance gives me the opportunity to spend time with my family, my animals, as well as, commit to my work and feel fulfilled as a mom, wife and colleague.

  1. Grocery Pick-Up or Delivery

    This is truly a mommy miracle. On Sunday mornings, I sip my coffee from my red lounge chair in my living room and grocery shop. I make a meal plan for the week, including a few snacks. I then pop on Coborns.com and order all my items for pick-up, boom DONE! I’ve found my online grocery shopping experience to not only save me time but money too. I avoid wandering down the aisles aimlessly, grabbing items that will only sit in the cupboard for weeks or go rotten before even using it. Also, I make my husband pick up the groceries because he can put forth a tiny bit of effort when it comes to feeding our children.

  2. Amazon Subscriptions

    If you have animals, Amazon subscriptions are the holy grail! I never run out of cat litter anymore. Also, my monthly subscription of TP never misses a beat. I have a lot delivered to my door step each month but it’s items I usually run out of and find myself running to the store for at the most inconvenient times. What’s on my Amazon Subscription list? Here it goes:

    If you do not have Amazon Prime, you are missing out, girlfriend! Try 30 days for FREE here.

  3. Family Chore List

    This isn’t a chore list just for my kids - it’s for myself and my husband, as well. Each day includes the essentials like feed the dogs and cats, give our dog’s their medication, scoop litter boxes and unload dishwasher but we add additional items that change from day to day to keep our house decent and making sure no one has to wear dirty underwear. My stepson, Deagan most certainly has chores he specifically is responsible for every day but we keep those on the list so when he goes to his mom’s that my husband and I still remember to do them… like feeding the dogs - whoops! If you head over to my IG stories, you can see an example of ours (@bethiegondeck).

  4. Meal Planning

    Similar to tip 1 but we’re going to focus on the actual meal plan. I look at what our week looks like, the days I work nights and Josh is on his own and what days Deagan is with us (because that means we can’t make anything spicy or have Chinese). It’s really a science, I suppose but I enjoy it. It’s one less thing I have to worry about for the week and to me, that’s a win! I then write down all the ingredients (also, check to see if we have any of the ingredients) and shop online! I also consider school lunch, snack and breakfast ideas for everyone. Boom, DONE AGAIN!

  5. Put the Phone AWAY

    On Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, at 5:00 PM, my phone is on my kitchen counter, on the charger, AWAY from a hands reach. This is my time with my kiddos and I take it pretty seriously. I don’t answer phone calls (unless already scheduled or absolutely necessary), I don’t answer texts (same guidelines) and I don’t scroll through social media or take snap stories of my kids (unless they are being ridiculous and I feel the world needs to see). I owe it to my little humans to give them a few hours of my undivided attention. This is the time of the day that works for me - maybe for you it’s between 7-9PM, twice a week or 6-8AM every morning. I just urge every person, with kids or not, to take 1-3 hours out of the day to just put the damn phone down.

By implementing these 5 tips in my life, I feel I have a better handle on being a mom, wife and colleague. Also, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I don’t feel like I’m losing my damn mind all the time. I used to feel so overwhelmed or as if I was behind on life because I didn’t have a plan for supper or the dog didn’t have a kibble of food left. Those continued last minute errands gave me the worst anxiety and it came to a point where I had to decide how I would manage.

So moms, schedule your damn groceries and avoid those late night grocery runs (in case you like that shit), order everything you can from Amazon, subscribe to what you can so you NEVER had to hear the kids yelling about not having TP and most importantly, give yourself a break.

Life with kids doesn’t mean you have to be Superwomen, leave that for the movies.

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