I Only Go Away When My Stepson Is Here

I usually only plan my overnight getaways when my stepson, Deagan is with us. Let’s be real, my overnights away are not frequent and usually months apart but needed since my family and my girlfriends are 50+ miles from me.

Before you assume the timing of my getaways is because time with my stepson isn’t precious, let me explain.

We’re a family of 4, almost 5 and life is wild with schedules, work, sports, school, etc. so one-on-one time with our kiddos, especially Deagan is a bit more difficult. He’s continually sharing his time with Remmie which he doesn’t mind but he’s 12 and time with his dad at this age is crucial. When I’m gone and after Remmie goes to bed (around 7:30 PM), it allows them to spend one-on-one time together. If the relationship between my husband and his son isn’t solid then ours will fail so I must respect and encourage one-on-one time between them. Don’t get me wrong, they watch their Sunday football and play a little one-on-one nearly every night Deags is with us but a whole night dedicated to staying up late in the man cave is different, it’s special.

Aside from a little father-son bonding, Deagan is a huge help. I know Josh can handle our crazy toddler but Deagan makes it SO much easier so I love when he’s around to help out. Remmie and Deagan have a special bond and she truly loves having her brother around so she’s all for daddy, Deagan and Remmie time. When Deagan is extra helpful, we usually reward him with extra screen time or a friend stay over so he doesn’t mind a little extra responsibility for a few hours.

Lastly, Josh and I rarely have a night that we can hang out, stay up late, catch up on a few shows or a watch a movie so weekends when Deagan is with his mom and after Remmie goes to bed we get some alone time to reinvest in our relationship. The most important relationship in our house is ours and if our foundation is solid everything will fall into place.

So no, I don’t hit the road to avoid my stepson. I hit the road so my husband and Deagan can get some time alone because I’m always freaking home!

Stepmoms, encourage your significant other to spend some quality time with their children. It’s so important for your relationship and the relationship with his children that they spend time together, one-on-one, continuing to build the bond they’ve had since birth.

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