Amazon Fall Favorites

Fall is officially here (even if snow is predicted here in Minnesota) which means fall scented candles, pumpkin spice coffee, chunky sweaters and a fedora. I have so much more momentum to get dressed up for the day during the Fall time - anyone else just feel better about yourself in Fall clothing? I sure do!

Girl, you know I love Amazon and I absolutely love over sized sweaters for Fall (although, I’m unable to hide the bump anymore). I live in a good oversized sweater and have found a few steals on Amazon that I’ve been extremely happy with. Also, Fall is for all the hats - I love a good hat.

Amazon items tend to go very quickly. If you see something you love I would suggest to add to your cart and checkout. If you leave the items in your cart you risk them going off Prime and selling out. Multiple orders are easy to do with Amazon and I would suggest doing a few orders if needed to ensure shipping and cost of the items you see!