A Healthy Obsession With Food

I LOVE food, and not just any food, shitty, greasy, filled with carbs and fat food. I also love alcoholic beverages, heavy ones like Blue Moon. I could eat Subway and Jimmy’s Pourhouse everyday if it didn’t put me in the pour house myself. I love french fries, mash potatoes, pasta, pretzel buns, chips and salsa, Gardettos - omg, my mouth is watering but I think you get it.

Eating healthy and drinking water has never come natural to me - it’s always been something I have to contemplate and really talk myself up to do. I have to literally gag down water when I really just want a Diet Coke. The worst of it is eating “healthy” when all I want it Parmesan Garlic Boneless Wings with Waffle Fries and a tall Blue Moon. I found my weaknesses to be convenience (that’s huge) and habit. For supper, I would boil a box of noodles for a quick Alfredo or throw in a pizza because it was convenient. I would grab a bag of chips when I wanted a snack and after 5 minutes find myself polishing off a whole bag before regret sank in.

THESE were and still are the biggest struggles I face. I now have to think out and plan meals for the week to avoid choosing the convenient option. How can I make healthier options more convenient? Also, breaking a habit was a hurdle that I had a bad break up with and decided to just evict from my house completely. When I go grocery shopping, I won’t buy the Jalapeno Cheddar chips or Gardettos. At times, I feel so weak that I have to avoid the aisle completely (sorry Remmie, no veggie fries for you this shopping trip).

Below, I’ve listed out meals to help my sisters that also struggle with convenience. Print it out and bring it to the grocery store. Disclaimer, you are not going to LOVE all the alternative options because they are different but you’ll have to learn to love them like I’ve learned to love sugar-free creamer.

When I first started with Weight Watchers, I quickly learned the name of the game which is all foods have points associated with them and I only had a certain amount of points I could consume per day. With the new WW Freestyle Program they offer, they have a long list of foods that are zero points which made my journey a bit easier. With Weight Watchers, food has to be consumed by actually chewing it and not drinking it - I love smoothies but fruit is only considered 0 points if you eat it and not drink it. If you drink it, then it’s like 7 or 8 points. If you are interested in joining Weight Watchers, watch Felicia Keathley’s video here. She breaks it down for you to better understand how it works.


Weight Watchers forced me to become a breakfast person but I do still believe that eating breakfast makes me hungrier at like 11:00 AM. If I don’t eat breakfast, I can nearly go all day without eating but then I end up eating something shitty like Doritos or tortilla chips and salsa so it’s basically like a lose lose for me. Below are some breakfast ideas and if you are anything like me, you’ll also need the snack ideas!

Breakfast Ideas

  • #TheFeliciaCombo

  • Fruit Bowl (topped with cinnamon)

  • Over-easy Eggs with Sara Lea 45 cal bread

  • Breakfast Burrito (Xtreme Wellness Tortilla, eggs, fat-free cheese, Greek Yogurt, hot sauce)

  • Hardboiled eggs with salt and pepper

  • Sara Lea toast with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

  • Roasted Veggies (who says veggies can’t be a breakfast food?)

  • Veggies with ranch dip (see sauces)


I’m a huge snacker and it’s truly a problem! I also really love chips or anything with salt which is another huge problem. The largest hurdle was eating snacks in moderation and not consuming an entire bag in one sitting because that was quite simple for me. The below snacks are to be eaten in moderation - do you hear me in the back? EATEN IN MODERATION! Don’t be like me and a bag of jalapeño cheddar kettle chips! For most of the chips and/or pretzels, only 20 pieces or less.

  • Veggies & dip

  • Veggie Fries with sea salt

  • Fruit

  • Hardboiled Eggs

  • Sugar-free Jello

  • Keebler Club Mini Crackers

  • Special K Cracker Chips

  • Snack Pack Sugar-Free Pudding

  • Baked Flamin’ Hot Cheetos 

  • Lays Oven Baked Lays Original 

  • Tostitos Scoops 

  • Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Poppers Airy and Crunchy Pretzel Shells, Three Cheese 


Lunch is basically my favorite meal of the day. I thoroughly enjoy lunch foods especially Subway ;) the best option for lunch is leftovers from a WW friendly meal from the night before - I prefer convenience so if it’s prepped and all I have to do is microwave it then I’m golden and more likely to stay on track. If you are making a sandwich or other main item and want a side see snack items above or below under “sides”.

  • BLT with Sara Leas bread and turkey bacon

  • Turkey sandwich (turkey can vary in points so investigate)

  • Egg sandwich

  • Grilled chicken salad (sauces below)

  • Grilled chicken wrap

  • Burrito bowl (most beans are zero points) with Cauliflower Rice

  • Steamed veggies (I get those frozen bags with light cheese sauce, yum)

  • Chicken lettuce wrap


Supper is always a struggle for me because the boys in my house can eat like a horse but I’m trying to watch my figure. I would kill for their metabolism but instead I’m over here munching on lettuce. Totally joking - eating “healthy” doesn’t have to be boring. I say “healthy” but that’s not necessarily the right term. It’s low cal options for foods and meals I can’t live without and choose to not live without. I will be linking many of my favorite meals from


  • Veggies (fresh, steam bag or can)

  • Potatoes (small portion)

  • Crispy French fries

  • Beans (some are zero points)


  • Bread - Sara Lea 45 calorie bread

  • Sour Cream - Non Fat Greek Yogurt

  • Cheese - Fat Free Cheese (doesn’t melt)

  • Butter - I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

  • Coffee Creamer - Sugar Free Creamer (no, it’s not the same but a sacrifice)

  • Tortillas - Xtreme Wellness Tortillas


When it comes to sauces you just have to do some investigating (Pinterest is very helpful). The Skinny Girl line is a great go-to when it comes to sauces, they have a variety and are all low in points.

  • Ranch - Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt range of dressings or Fat Free Ranch

  • BBQ Sauce - G Hughes Smokehouse Sugar Free BBQ Sauce (found at Walmart)

  • Honey Mustard - G Hughes Sugar Free Honey Mustard (found at Walmart)

  • Alfredo - Fat Free Alfredo sauce

  • Cream of Mushroom - Use Fat Free

  • Cream of Chicken - Use Fat Free


Ok, so your girl loves beer so I can’t give some pointers to my fellow brew lovers! A majority of my weight was from Blue Moon so having to part ways with my heavy obsession was devastating but I’m finding decent alternatives.


  • Dasani Sparkling Water or anything flavored sparkling water

  • Anything Diet (Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, etc.)

  • Water flavoring that is sugar-free


  • Select 55
    I know, it sucks, it’s basically water but it’s not THAT BAD! Squeeze a few limes in it and call it a day!

  • Ultra with Lime & Pear
    Again, kind of boring but delicious!

  • White Claws
    White Claws are really good - in the WW world these are 3 points each.

  • Shot of Vodka with sparkling flavored water
    I rarely drink hard alcohol but if I do it’s usually with flavored vodka and a flavored sparkling water or soda water with a shit ton of limes.

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