Solutions To Your Dog's Boredom

I receive SO messages from people who have dogs acting destructively or showing unwanted behaviors (such as mine) and when asked what kind of mental stimulation they were receiving the answer was always…. “uh, what’s that?” I didn’t know either people until my dog’s behavior came to a point where I was no longer able to control it so I had to do my research.

Dogs need both mental and physical exercise to be balanced and healthy.  Finding ways to do this can be challenging. Understanding the need for and providing opportunities for physical exercise is relatively common knowledge among dog owners. It is not enough to spend time cuddling with them; dogs want to use their brains!  They have wonderfully intelligent, creative brains that need to be challenged and stretched to help prevent boredom-related behavior issues. Using some of the ideas listed will not only help dogs’ brains but will also improve relationships with our dogs.

Here are a few solutions I have found for my dog’s boredom which has GREATLY improved his behavior.

Create A Challenging Meal

Feed at least one meal a day in a mentally stimulating and challenging way:

  • In a food puzzle.

  • Throw the food into the yard.

  • Put the food in an empty, dry (labels, rings, and caps removed) pop bottles, milk jugs, water bottles.

  • Put the food in a muffin tin.

  • Use the food in a training session.

  • Almost any of the ideas listed below will work to feed a meal.

Below are some GREAT tools for solving your dog’s boredom.

bethann gondeck