Must Have For Multiple Cats

Truth be told, I had to learn the hard way that my cats need more enrichment then what I was offering and they let me know by pissing all over my basement. Also, I’ve gone through many pieces of furniture naively thinking a vacuum would solve the massive amounts of hair woven into the threads.

A huge must-have for us was the cat feeder along with new food - we were finding landmines of cat puke throughout the house (and coming from 3 cats, it’s absolutely too much puke to be normal) and it was something we had to address immediately. I did some research, sifting through Amazon reviews to find a solution for the constant up-chucks.

Animal odor is for real and something that you want to control prior to your house smelling like a zoo. We’ve been through it all when it comes to odor eliminators and it was time to call in the big guns. Amazon Reviews made me invest in a $20 bottle of Angry Orange Odor Eliminator and I’m glad I did. This stuff rocks my cat pissing socks!

With the number of animals I have (and small kiddos), new furniture is not in the cards for us but we do attempt to protect the furniture we have. The furniture covers have been a saving grace in our home and the scratch covers have made the scratch marks non-existent.

My cat’s behaviors were a reflection of their lack of enrichment. Many believe cats like to live a boring life and that’s not true - they need some kind of excitement otherwise the bad behaviors appear. We started adding enrichment activities so our cats weren’t living in boredom and it’s worked, guys, they have stopped pissing all over the house. Next, replacing all the damn carpet so please donate to my GoFundMe (just kidding, maybe).

bethann gondeck